To my Interior Designer friends, this is what you should look for when selecting your sofa and chairs for your client…

Posted by Tweed & Sponge Artisan on Sabtu, 25 Ogos 2018

To my Interior Designer friends, when you are selecting Sofa & Chairs for your client’s commercial project, this video share with you, What criteria you should look for when selecting your sofa and chairs for your client?

Interior designer spends hundreds of hours to understand and study clients project, in order to propose a custom made interior design to provide a solution the clients needs. Often started with a layout (size of the furniture), followed by the design theme (modern, minimalist and etc…), consumer experience (material selection) and the price tag (custom made furniture can work backward on material selection and construction method).

Online ready made items may be more cost effective in some way; custom made your sofa and chairs according to your desire size, style, material and price. We are SofaGuru, we custom made sofa, chair, seating bench, bedroom headboard and other items, we believes these furniture does play an important role to enhance your clients’ property ambience and consumer experience.

Enjoy watching the video.

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