Selecting a correct sofa & chair helps to enhance your restaurant to attract more customers. Getting the right type of chair not just blend well with your interior, it is a seating quality you like to provide for your customer.

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Sofa & Chair for Your Restaurant;

  1. Define your type of Business: It is a fine dine restaurant, casual dining restaurant, fast food restaurant or it is a bar. Different type of business not just present an image to your interior trend, it also will decide how long you customer will stay for their dining experience;
  2. Price does not matter: Do not decide on price tag first, decide on types of chairs, evaluate the continuous maintenance requirement, does it require upholstery maintenance, wood stain repair, the weather condition like outdoor next to glass that continuous have sunlight glare,  then decide on the material that suit the function, make it tastefully done;
  3. Buy in Bulk to save more: There are no 1 chair for all purpose, different seats and tables will suit for different customer, families look for convenient and more spacious, couple will look for more privacy and formal business client dine in, the same person who dine with different guest will have different requirement, plan it correctly;
  4. Size and Functionality: Please decide the Chair you choose should be movable or permanent setup, it is a high bar chair or lounger, there are increasing use of contemporary sofa in modern restaurant. The daily cleaning convenient for worker are important when selecting types of chairs.
  5. Color, Sizing and Material selection: When deciding your sofa and chairs, color tone is essential to blend well with your design. Generally most of the China ready made chairs are generally for lighter weight person and smaller size people, 6 foot tall man’s back rest height will be different. Dining chair normally come with wood or fabricated material, with fabricated chair, you can further decide on the sponge density.

With custom made chairs and sofas, not just you can decide your desire color, chairs frame sizing and the correct fabric material and sponge, remember that it is more profitable to maintain a returning customer who frequently visit your restaurant. Select your chair and sofa correctly.

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